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Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Traditional uses of indigenous tree species

Identification of indigenous tree and shrub fodder species in the lake Victoria shore region of Uganda.

The adoption potential of biomass transfer and improved fallow practices in eastern Uganda: Determining profitable and feasible options from a farmer perspective

Phosphorous release from decomposing water hyacinth and effects of decomposition on water quality

Variation in composition of macro-benthic invertebrates as an indication of water quality status in three bays in Lake Victoria

Developing technology options for rice integrated crop management in the Sahel Zone of West Africa: Case of irrigated rice production the Senegal River Valley

Agronomic, pests and economic factors influencing sustainability of banana-coffee systems of Western Uganda and potentials for improvement

Merging biotechnology with biological control: Banana Musa tissue culture plants enhanced by endophytic fungi

Decision support tools as alternative options to improve diagnostic services for endemic livestock diseases

Restoration of degraded natural grasslands to enhance soil fertility, pasture and animal productivity

Introduction of deciduous fruit tree growing in the tropical highlands of Kabale, Uganda

Maize production in the central Kenya highlands using cattle manures combined with modest amounts of mineral fertilizer

Working with smallholder farmers to improve maize production and marketing in western Kenya

A greenhouse experiment to evaluate compost derived from household and market crop wastes

Experiences of soil fertility management through legume based farmer participatory experimentation in Malawi.

Effects of potassium deficiency, drought and weevils on banana yield and economic performance in Mbarara, Uganda

Farmers’ experiences in the management of pests and diseases of calliandra calothyrsus in Uganda

A Farmer-participatory approach to aquaculture technology development & dissemination

Growth and performance of indigenous and crossbred goats

Population screening for selection of bucks and does of the Mubende goat in Uganda

Assessment of the potential productivity of pigs in the Teso and Lango farming systems, Uganda: A case study

Evaluation of suckling and post weaning practices for improving reproductive efficiency in Nepalese Pakhribas pigs

Effects of feeding systems and breed of cattle on reproductive performance and milk production on smallholder farms.

Constraints to Utilization of draft animal power technology at farm level in Uganda

Improving the AEATRI-motorized maize sheller to meet the market demands of commercial maize farmers

Development of groundnut rosette disease and vector resistant varieties

Farmer led multiplication of rosette resistant groundnut varieties

Inoculation, colonization and distribution of fungal endophytes in Musa tissue culture plants

Early screening of cassava for resistance to root knot nematodes

Development of sorghum varieties and hybrids for dryland areas of Ethiopia

The use of starter cultures in the fermentation of bushera: a Ugandan traditional fermented sorghum beverage

Development on improved parboiling equipment for paddy rice in Benin

Integration of pheromones and the entomopathogenic fungus for the management of the banana weevil

Kairomone trapping system for delivery of Beauveria bassiana to control the banana weevil

Use of crop sanitation for the management of the banana weevil in Uganda

Pigeon pea seed production and delivery system: Experience from the Lango farming system

Production of tomato puree: an alternative to conservation of locally produced tomato in Benin

Assessing the potential of mushroom cultivation in improving household incomes of smallholder farmers

Factors affecting the sustainability of tick-borne disease control in Uganda and malpractice Associated with acaricide use

Effectiveness of monoscreen traps for tsetse fly control

Dual control of ticks and tsetse flies using deltamethrin through community participatory methods

Effect of market- oriented agriculture on selected agrobiodiversity, household income and food security components

Profitability of sorghum-legume cropping practices among households in Eastern Uganda

Farmers’ and traders’ sources of market information in Lira district

Smallholder integrated crop management (ICM) research planning: A case for Mukono and Kayunga districts

Molecular diversity in sweet potato infecting viruses in Africa: With emphasis on Sweet potato chlorotic fleck virus

Seed transmission of Fusarium xylarioides in Coffea canephora in Uganda

Yield stability and acceptability of two new Solanum potato varieties in Uganda

Promoting potato seed tuber management for increased ware yields in Kapchorwa Eastern Uganda

Performance of farmers-led extension system in agricultural technology transfer and adoption

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