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Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences

Towards sustainable seed production of centro in Uganda

Current research trends on coffee wilt disease tracheomycosis

A century of soils research and development in Uganda

Current status and progress of research on the management of bean root rot complex in south western Uganda

Towards improving highland bananas

Evaluation of promising sweetpotato genotypes for high altitude, cool, moist agroecologies of Uganda

Sustainable use of land resources: towards a new approach in Uganda

Recent advances in coffee berry disease (CBD) control in Uganda

Fusarium wilt resistant bananas considered appropriate replacements for cultivars susceptible to the disease in Uganda

Research-extension-farmer linkages

Fertiliser use: one of the keys to attaining and sustaining higher crop yields

Advances in disease control of tick and tick-borne diseases

Efficiency of pheromones and trap types in the capture of the banana weevil cosmopolites sordidus germar in Uganda

Communication as key to effective operationalisation of integrated approach to rural development

Profitability of Eucalyptus growing in Busiro, Mpigi District, Uganda

Firewood consumption around Budongo Forest Reserve in western Uganda

Farmer participation in soil management research process: The case of Matugga farmers of Uganda

A visual scale of loss assessment for dried sweet potato chips due to Araecerus fasciculatus Degeer (Coleoptera: Antbribidae) infestation on-farm

Factors affecting dairy production in peri-urban areas of Kampala

Serosurvey of Brucella abortus in cattle and goats in central and southern Uganda

In vitro microtuberisation of two improved Ugandan Solanum potato varieties

In-ground post maturity storability of five local sweetpotato varieties

Efficacy of some cu.ltural management methods on Callosobruchus chinensis (L) infestation during storage of pigeonpea seed

Changes in the viscosity and energy density of weaning maize porridge on supplementation with groundnut paste and dairy milk

Life cycle and population growth of the maize aphid on potted finger millet plants

Ability of systemic insecticide dimethoate to prevent aphid colonisation and the spread of aphid transmitted viruses in Solanum tuberosum Lin.

Fishing gear selectivity for Lates niloticus L., Oreochromis niloticus L. and Rastrineobola argentea P. in Lakes Victoria, Kyoga and Nabugabo

Logging, arboricide treatments and regeneration at Budongo Forest, Uganda

Park resources use and user attitudes towards conservation in Kibaie National Park, western Uganda

A Comparative Study of the use of Dried Blood on Filter Papers and Serum Samples for Serodiagnosis of Anaplasmosis

A Comparison Among Various Robusta Coffee ( Coffea canephora Pierre ) Clonal Materials and their Seedling Progenies at Different Levels of Nitrogen

Prevalence of Finger Millet Diseases in Kaberamaido Subcounty, Soroti District, Uganda

Aspects of the Biology of the Carrot Aphid Chomaphis (dysaphis) foeniculus Theobald (Homoptera: Aphididae) in Uganda

Recent Advances in Solanum Potato Improvement In Uganda

Methionine in Velvet Bean ( Mucuna pruriens ) Based Broiler Starter Diets and Bean Influence on Finishing Broilers

Correlation of Product Quality of Extruded Sorghum Products to Extent of Starch Gelatinization 1

Vicine and Convicine: the Favic and Egg Weight Depressing Factors in Faba beans ( Vicia faba L.) - A Review

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