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UNIOSUN Journal of Sciences

Evaluation of the phenolic compounds of three varieties of Celosia species using HPLC-DAD

Authors: O.R. Molehin, S.A. Adefegha, M.L. Athayde, A.A. Boligon

Journal: UNIOSUN Journal of Sciences

Objective: Dietary phenolics have been linked to some of the health benefits of plant foods consumed by humans. Celosia species are leafy vegetables generally consumed as food and their decoction used traditionally as medicine. This study was designed to determine the phenolic profile of the methanolic extracts of leaves of three Celosia spp. namely C. laxa , C. argentea (green variety) and C. argentea (red variety). Methods: The phenolic profile of the methanolic extracts was carried out by using High Performance Liquid Chromatography coupled with diode array detector (HPLC-DAD). Results: The results showed the presence of different levels of both phenolic acids and flavonoids in the leaves. Conclusion: The structure-function relationship of the phenolic compounds present in these leafy vegetables may confers reasonable health benefits to humans.