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Building bridges that unite the church, communities and the Nation

The person I love is in this room

Truth, justice and reconciliation commission

Forgiveness - and its limits

What does 'healing justice'

Watu Wazima: a gender analysis of forced male circumcisions during Kenya's post-election violence

Political masculinities and prison sexualities

Celibacy as service to God


Nairobi handshake

Poetry corner

Focus on youth

Making a difference, Ushenzi or Uungwana?

Digitally networked technology in Kenya's 2007-2008 post-election crisis

Unfinished business from Kriegler's IREC

Battered, bruised and broken

Ending impunity

Preventing collective amnesia

Tourism and the internet

Youth speaks, daring to live anew

Making a difference, journey into power with Baron Baptiste: the Africa yoga project

On the frontlines of the struggle

Grassroots activists take on the coalition Government

A strategy for change

Transitional justice and the fule of law

Kenya in darkness

Green tinted glasses: constructed wetlands

Why ride when you can walk?

Transportation: how can we minimise CO2 emissions in Nairobi?

Making a difference - the Zingira Nyanza group turns waste into a resource

Shock, incomprehension, disillusion, anger

Underlying causes: wrong priorities, neglect of the poor, failure to address historical injustices

Kenya is not a Rwanda

Understanding the Kenyan opposition

If the Nation is a car

From grief to justice - the journey Kenya must take

Grace, 'Baby Brian' and the humanisation of the inhumane

Mercy's mission

Traditional African leadership institutions

A rose by any other name

Is religion a help or a hindrance?

Is it a question of values?

From traditional values to modern African values?

Are we cutting a piece of culture?

Are African extended families a blessing or a curse today?

Arise from complacent slumber

Islamic banking comes to Kenya

Climate change and the ocean

Kilamanjaro's glacier myth

The environmental crisis from a Christian perspective

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